Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas

Did you know…?

The tradition of putting presents in the shoe grew from the story of when St. Nicholas threw bags of dowry money, either through a window or down a chimney, into the home of an impoverished family to rescue their daughters from being sold into slavery. Ideas to include in your children’s shoes are bags of chocolate candy coins, a small toy, a tangerine, and inexpensive religious items, such as a Christmas ornament, a rosary, saint bracelet, and prayer cards.

You can also include candy canes which symbolize a shepherd’s staff, and you can even re-shape them into a bishop’s crosier. Another fun part of this tradition is for kids to leave carrots or hay in their shoes overnight for St. Nicholas’ donkey to eat. St.

Nicholas takes the hay and carrots for his donkey, and replaces them with small gifts and treats for the children in the morning.

Don't forget to clean your boots and leave them on the window during the night!