Advent in Zagreb

Advent in Zagreb

This year, the Advent in Zagreb starts on the 26th of November, exactly 4 weeks before Christmas. Following the huge success of last year’s Advent, Zagreb expanded its offer exponentially. Alongside the traditional and already known locations, 11 new locations will be added to this year’s program. New things to see and new places to visit will surely thrill every visitor of the Advent this year.

The traditional locations such as the Ice Skate rink on King Tomislav Square, Zrinjevac Park, the European Square, the Ban Jelačić Square and Fooling around streets, Kurelčeva and Tomićeva, will be a part of the Advent this year also. The Christmas fair will also be present this year at its usual place, Bogovićeva and Gajeva streets.

Smaller events like the Concerts from Zagreb’s Christmas balconies, live Nativity scene, Artomat and Strauss in Oktagon will be present also.

But what brings most of the excitement are the new Advent locations. The Tale from Grič will be located on Vranyczany’s Plateu below the open skies above Zagreb. Strossmayer Promenade is also a first timer at this year’s Advent and will serve as a perfect place for romantic walks on the Upper Town. Zagreb will also have 2 fashion areas, one in the Oktogon and the second in front of the Croatian National Bank and Martićeva street. The Grič Tunnel will also serve as an Advent location, where a Christmas carol will be told in a very different way.  For the first time, the Advent will arrive to Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb). The Museum of Contemporary Art and Zagreb Fair will be the hosts of Advent in Novi Zagreb. But this is not all. To check for other new Advent locations visit

To find out even more about the Advent in Zagreb keep an eye for the upcoming tourist guide and map, Hello Zagreb Advent 2016. Follow Hello Croatia for all news and updates.