Do you often find yourself tired of all the modern things like smartphones, laptops, minimalist fashion, this list goes on and on… And all you want to do is ditch those modern miracles away, and go back to the good old ways? Grandma kind of tradition?

The good old times when people had time to dine together, in a separate room that’s meant only for dining, you know - the dining room? We no longer have these, nowadays people eat in front of their TV’s, on a teeny tiny tables, or small kitchen desks, and have less time to communicate with each other.

Now is a good time to start talking about “Kredenca”, a souvenir shop where you ‘ll feel like you’ve entered another century. Back to the days when everyone was relaxed, chatty and everything was fun! Kredenca actually stands for a vintage kitchen sideboard that stands in a dining room. So if you are looking to bring back home some of the exquisite Croatian smells or tastes, this deli and souvenir shop is one of the best and most original places to get stocked.

Originally from small resorttown of Crikvenica, they bring to Zagreb foods and drinks made in Croatia by small Croatian manufacturers. For beer lovers, this is also one of the places to get gift bottles of homemade Istrian beer San Servolo - golden yellow beer made of Pilsner malt.

*little tip - you can try all the liqueurs and brandies before you decide to buy some!